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If there’s a downside to the game of washers, it’s having to constantly bend over to pick up your washers. Sure it’s fine at first, but hours of play can take a toll on your back. Why spend all that washer tossin’ energy when Willy Washers would gladly pick your washers up for you?

Willy Washers is a collapsible plastic pole with a magnet at the end to be used for picking up Washers. Willy extends to 30″, then collapses 9″, small enough to fit inside your washers boxes. He’ll even hold your washers for you when you’re not using them.  More Willy Washer pictures here.

Reviewing Willy Washers

Willy Washers arrived naked. Yeah, part of the fun of Willy is that you get to pick from 5 unique sticker kits that are used to “dress” him however you’d like. Sure it’s a cool product when you get it, but it really becomes “Willy” as you personalize him with your personal arrangement of stickers. My Willy came with the Patriotic decals, which I was quick to apply. I won’t say I did the best job of anybody who’s every dressed Willy, but I feel like I pulled it off okay.

Oh yeah, the review? Honestly, Willy Washers delivers as promised. The 30″ length is a nice reach for an average sized person. The plastic pieces extend and collapse well, and overall the product seems fairly durable. Extending the pieces with force can cause them to separate, but they snap back together easily and without breakage. The hook on the back is also a nice touch, to give Willy a way to stay close without being in the way.

The real make or break point of Willy Washers, though, is the magnet… and this magnet works great. Not only does it pick up washers (as you would assume it would), but it picks them up and holds them tight. You don’t even have to get the magnet all the way to the washer. I found that even about a quarter inch away was enough for them to snap up and grab the magnet.

If you play a lot of Washers, or know somebody who does, Willy Washers is a cool product, that definitely makes a great game of washers even better!

Pros & Cons

Pros: strong magnet, durable, useful, & fun
Cons: pieces can come apart if used too roughly PLEASE NOTE: this has been improved since I received mine to review!

From the Willy Washers Site

Willy Washers Pick Em Up Stick and Caddy is the best complement to the washers game. Willy has been designed to pick up the washers so you don’t have to. Willy’s got your back! No more bending or stooping. Willy keeps it clean, no more dirty hands! He is more than just a stick with a magnet, he is a caddy that holds the washers firmly in place when not at play. Willy has a hook so that he can conveniently hang with you during the game. You can hang him from your pocket, on a chair, or any where you like. Willy has been designed to fit in your game box. Playing washers with Willy while camping, tailgating, or at the family BBQ is now more fun. Willy brings life to the party. Before Willy it was almost impossible for the physically challenged to play washers. Not any more. Now Willy can help so everyone can play. He is available in six different personalities. Each comes with a sticker kit or you can decorate your Willy to support your favorite team or school. Which Willy fits your style? Look for team colors coming soon.

Purchase Willy – Originally $19.95 now on sale for $17.50

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