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Washers Review


I recently had the chance to check out some washers from Washer Toss Games.com.  While there’s not much to say about Washers, I have tried to give a clear view of what you can expect to receive when you purchase from Washer Toss Games.com.  Overall these are pretty standard Washers.  The most significant thing to note is the 1.25″ inner diameter.  I’ve most commonly seen 1″ ID washers used for the game.   They chose to go with these Washers due to the slightly lighter weight, which make them better for use by children.


Weights ranged from 1.6 oz. to 1.8 oz.
Washers measure 2 1/4″ outer diameter, and 1 1/4″ inner diameter.
Washers are zinc coated to keep away rust.
Paint is hand sprayed and cured before shipping.


From the Washer Toss Games Website

Washer Set

2 sets of 3 washers for replacement or for playing more players without sharing washers.
The washers are 2.25″ OD
Price $6.95

Note from Steve at WasherTossGames.com

“I use this size washers because they are just a little lighter and everyone I asked about there complaint was that the larger washers were just to heavy for there kids to enjoy. I can get the larger ones and offer them to customers that only want their game for tournament use. All our washers are hand sprayed and cured before shipping they do chip a little from time to time but that is to be expected. They are zink coated so that they will not rust which is why the paint does chip. If they were bare metel the paint wouldn’t chip as bad but when it did they would rust and then be junk. — Steve”

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Product Review by Jeremy L.