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Washers Game LG

washers-game-setWhen I saw that LadderGolf.com had added a Washers Game to their site, I knew it was a game I wanted to check out.  I was really impressed with the quality of the Ladder Golf game (click here for the review), and figured their Washers Game would likely follow suit.  As expected, the Washers Game from LadderGolf.com is well constructed, and looks great.


Shipping and Packaging

The Washers Game comes shipped in a box that is just slightly larger than the boxes.  There is bubble wrap on top and bottom of the boxes, as well as completely wrapped around the edges.  Even if the box is banged up a bit during shipping (as it seems most are…), you can be fairly confident that the product will arrive unharmed.


First Impressions & Construction

The first thing I noticed about the Washers boxes is that they have latches on two sides that allow them to lock together for easy portability.  The latches hold the boxes together tight, and appear to be good quality.  The rope handles are another really cool feature.  The rope is thick and makes for a great handle.  It’s a big enough piece of rope that it doesn’t dig in to your hand when you carry them.  The dark stain finish gives the boxes a classy look.  The bottom of the boxes are lined with green carpet, which helps to reduce bounce.  The PVC is attached from beneath, and the wood sides are screwed Torx screws.  Overall, the boxes are sturdy and well made.


The boxes measure roughtly 15″ square around the outside, which is 12 3/4″ on the inside.  The PVC pipe is the standard 4″ pipe, and is about 3 1/4″ tall.



The washers are red and yellow, and are powder coated.  The powder coating is great for washers, as it gives them a harder finish that is generally tougher than conventional paint.  The washers are the ‘standard’ size;  2.25″ OD, and 1″ inner diameter.  One odd thing is that the washers range in thickness from one to the next.  I’m not sure if that is common, or whether this is just a strange batch.  Weights range from 2.0 oz. to 2.9 oz.


Pros & Cons

Pros:  I really like the latch and carrying handle.  Pipe is attached from beneath, so no exposed screws or hardware.  Sturdy construction.
:  Random washer weights.  Dark finish may show wear faster.


From the LadderGolf.com Website

Washers Game: $59.95

Our washers game is in stock and ready to ship and your product will ship within a few business hours of placing your order.

Our washers game contains 2 washer boxes and a set of 3 red washers and a set of 3 yellow washers. All games use the finest materials and workmanship including powder coated washers, and comfortable rope handles for easy carrying. Our washers games are handcrafted in the USA and can ship to you immediately.


Dark Stain Finish
Green Carpet
Red and Yellow Washers

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Product Review by Jeremy L.