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When it comes to Outdoor Games, I’m generally pretty old fashioned in my view of each game.  I like games that are hand crafted, usually by small businesses.  There’s just something about mass marketed games that generally takes away a piece of the game that many traditionalists hold dear.  With that in mind, I was hesitant to accept a pair of Sportcraft games for review.  Sportcraft makes some AWESOME indoor and outdoor games, no doubt, but a game like Washers with plastic washers?  I had my doubts.

I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised with the Portable Washer Toss Game that I received.  No, you’re not tossing metal washers.  No, box isn’t made of wood.  Yes, it’s got 5 holes.  These things combined would send most purists running for the hills, but I wanted to give it a fair shot.  I’m actually glad I did.

Game Pieces & Gameplay: First and foremost, don’t bother to compare this to the Washer game your neighbor made in his garage.  Metal and wood don’t play like plastic.  BUT… I’d go as far as to say they may play better.   The Sportcraft washers are made of a hard, heavy plastic material (maybe with metal inside?).  They toss really nice, don’t make the noise of a traditional washer, and an errant throw won’t make anyone’s legs bleed (yeah, I’ve seen that happen).  These weighted plastic washers are easily my favorite part of the game — a great improvement over metal, in my opinion.

The plastic box isn’t such a bad thing, either.  The felt landing surface creates a nice place for the washers to land, and there’s probably less bounce than on a garage-made set.  The case opens and closes to create a handy carrying case, too.  And of course the best thing about plastic, it’s a lot lighter than wood.  A normal washers game is decently portable… these are more portable.  The plastic also doesn’t take a beating like a wood & metal set does.  As with the Washers, I have to admit I’m cool with the plastic on this one, too.

Now where things get interesting… 5 holes??  First off, if you want a single hole game, Sportcraft sells that, too.  Second, over the course of maintaining Washer Game Players over the last few years, the TOP question I’m asked is where people can buy a 5 hole washers game.  It may not be traditional, but there are a lot of people who dig it.  And why not?  For people who don’t play a ton, the 5 hole game provides additional ways to score points!  Any game is more fun when you feel like you’re competitive, and this just makes it so that anybody can jump in the game and have a shot to win (if they can toss it on the board).  5 holes might not be for everybody, but it certainly has it’s place at an all-ages event or family get together.

Pros: Fun for all ages and abilities.  Great price.  2-4 players can play.  The heavy plastic washers are safe and play very well.  Very portable game.

Cons: The plastic base is very lightweight, and the felt on my set is already peeling a bit.  A heavier base would give the game higher perceived quality.

Overall: I was pleasantly surprised with the Sportcraft Washers Game.  Will it please the hard-core traditionalists?  Probably not, but does it need to?  This great game will more than please a family looking for a safe, fun, all-ages game to play in the yard at a BBQ or picnic.  At the very low (~$25) price point, this is a great game to have in your collection.  Worth checking out.

Portable Washer Toss Game Specs

  • One Portable Washer Box
    • Dimensions: 17.5L x 17.5W (inches)
    • Holes: 3″ wide.  Corner holes centered 3.5″ from edges.
    • Height:  Front is 4″ high,  Rear is 7″ high.
    • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Six Durable Washers
    • Weight: 1.7 oz.
    • OD:  2 15/16″.  ID:  1″
  • Three Zone Scoring Mat keeps washers from sliding off
  • Includes Storage Bag for washers
  • Games rules and instructions included

About Sportcraft

Through the years, Sportcraft has remained a leader in the home recreation industry by consistently being first to market with value-driven products that the whole family can enjoy together. In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Sportcraft continued to introduce new outdoor games to America, such as Bocce, Horseshoes and Volleyball. In time, Sportcraft’s focus moved to family activities indoors. Table Tennis, Billiards, Foosball and Darts, became the backbone of the company, and Sportcraft achieved significant financial growth.


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