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Washer Games

Check out our Washer Game review! We’ve reviewed a set of Washers Games from LadderGolf.com, Franklin, & Sportcraft!

Franklin Washers Review – FOLD-N-GO Washers from Franklin are very portable, and perfect for tailgating. Take the game of Washers anywhere you go!
Sportcraft: Portable Washer Toss Game – 5-hole washer game with heavy plastic washers. Safe and plays pretty well.

icon-wide-washersWashers Game from LadderGolf.com – No longer available, but we loved this product we left up the link just to show off how nice they were.
washer-toss-games-iconWasher Toss Games – Straight up Washer review. Check out the washers you can buy from Washer Toss Games

Washer Tossing Accessory

Willy Washers | Washer Pick Up Stick

More Washer Tossing Goodness

For more on Washer Games, please check out the Washer Players Community. You’ll find game rules, a photo gallery, building instructions, and more. Check out the forum for all of your Washer Toss game questions!