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Zume: CANZ

CANZ Game Review

CANZ is one of two games we got to review from Zume Games, and they’re both pretty cool.  Cans is a tossing game where you try to throw your 3 “canz” in to the hole in the top of the target goal.  Canz may come to rest on top of the basket, but usually they’ll bounce off, rejected after a near miss.

CANZ is a fun game that works great for players of all ages.  It’s also light and compact, which makes it great to take with you wherever you might end up.  At such a small size, it’d be a great game just to keep in the trunk, “just in case”.

Packaging: CANZ comes nicely packaged in a handy carrying case. The case nicely fits all 6 cans, the target goal, and stakes.

Construction: I’m a big fan of how this game comes together.  First of all, the CANZ are a great material that’s sort of a medium-hard foam.  They’re a great weight to toss, but they’re still soft enough to keep any fear down of errant throws.  The game targets are really well thought out, too.  The basket fits neatly in the case at a very small size, then massively expands as the top and bottom loops uncoil.  The addition of a few simple rods helps the basket to stand tall, and makes a nice big target.  Setup takes a minute or two, but isn’t a big deal at all.

Gameplay: CANZ is your basic tossing game.  If you like tossing things in to a goal, this is a great game!  The bounce of the goal adds a lot of fun for missed targets.  Sometimes they’ll come to rest on top, but often they’ll bounce off if the hole is missed.  1 point is given for Canz on the rim, 3 points are counted for Canz in the basket.  Canz are a great weight, and are well suited to players of any age or skill level.

Pros: Classic Tossing Game, Lightweight, Portable, Simple Rules, Great for any age.
Cons: Only 1 target.  Game play would be much better if a second target basket was added.  Teams would get to toss back and forth to each other.

Overall: A well made game that’s as fun as it is portable.  This is a great one for tailgating, camping, the beach, or any other outdoor activity.  Worth checking out.

From the Zume Website

Master your toss with CANZ, the tossing target game with a twist. Spiral it. Tumble it. Sink it. It’s the one and only CANZ air funnel that channels air for perfect twisting spirals. Play almost anywhere… indoors or outdoors. Great for tailgating. Lightweight and portable, CANZ features ultra-quick setup. Includes 6 CANZ air funnels, target goal with ground stakes, and carrying case. For ages 8+.

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Product Review by Jeremy L.