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Game Review

YardStax is a a LOT of fun.  I recently took YardStax to an outdoor gathering, and it was an instant hit.  People honestly loved the game.  YardStax is basically a backyard game sized version of a popular table-top game.  Players take turns pulling individual wooden blocks from the tower, and placing them back at the top.  The tower gets higher and higher as play progresses.  The game is over when a player causes the tower to fall.


Packaging: By nature, the YardStax game is really heavy.  It’s wood blocks, after all.  That’s actually what makes the carrying case impressive.  The makers of YardStax have created a custom metal case that attaches to the wooden base.  This heavy-duty metal case is able to contain the game, and the handle is sturdy enough to be used to carry the case around.

Construction: Aside from the case, not much to the construction here.  The wood pieces are a high quality lumber.  There are 18 rows, and the game measures about 3 feet tall.  The wood pieces are sanded smooth, and don’t have rough edges or splinters.


Gameplay: FUN.  YardStax has appeal for people of all ages.  You can play with a group of people, or just 2.  You can play for bragging rights, or turn it in to a drinking game!  YardStax is a cool game if you’re limited on space, as it can be played in a pretty small area — as long as you have room for the tower to fall.  You can also play YardStax indoors or outdoors, which makes this game great for a lot of different situations.

Pros: Really fun.  All ages.  Simple rules.  Small playing area.  Strong case.
Heavy.  Large, and hard to transport.  Price.

When testing this game out, the overwhelming response was “Give this game a good review!”  It’s not very often that people are that happy to learn a new game.  But that’s just it, YardStax is similar to a game that people already know about.  Everybody is able to jump right in and play.  If you’re limited on space, or you have a large group to entertain, check out YardStax.


From the YardStax Website:

The Object of YardStax:

Remove one block at a time from the tower, and stack it on top. last person to stack a block without making the tower fall wins the game.

Setting Up A Game:

  • 1. One player builds the tower.
  • 2. Place three blocks in each layer, at right angles to the previous layer. When you finish you’ll have a solid, 18-story tower which can more than double during a game.

Game Play:

  • The player who built the tower goes first. Play then continues to the left.
  • On your turn, carefully remove one block from anywhere BELOW the highest completed story Then stack it on top of the tower, at right angles to the blocks just below it.
  • To remove a block, use one hand at a time. You can switch hands whenever you wish.
  • You can touch other blocks to find a loose one but if you move a block out of place, you must fix it (using one hand only) before touching another block.
  • While stacking, always complete one 3 block story before starting a higher one.
  • Your turn ends 10 seconds after you stack your block or as soon as the player to your left touches a block.
  • Keep removing and stacking blocks until the tower falls.
  • The last player to take a turn without making the tower fall wins the game.
  • The player who made the tower fall gets to set up the tower for the next game.

About YardStax:

  • YardStax is made in the USA from Solid wood.
  • We have a convenient location in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
  • Contact Us for more information.

Buy YardStax:

Yardstax Game: 18 Rows of High Quality lumber measuring about 3 feet tall $60.00
Yardstax Game With Carrying Case: This Set comes complete with a high quality custom made Metal Carrying Case and Wooden Base. (Below) Just Need a Case? $110.00

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