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Giant Tumble Tower


Giant Tumble Tower Game Review

tosso-tumble-tower-09Giant Tumble Tower is a great game that is played much like the classic table top game that most people have played at some point in their lives.  Wooden blocks are stacked in rows of 3, then players take turns pulling a single wooden piece from someplace on the tower, then placing that piece on top.  The tower gets taller and more unstable as play goes on, until one of the players eventually causes the tower to fall.

While simple in concept, this game is an absolute blast when played with a group of people.  Giant Tumble Tower doesn’t require a great amount of skill, attention span, or sobriety, making it perfect for larger gatherings.  GTT can really be played with any number of people, but requires a very small playing area, this is another major bonus.  Weather bad?  GTT can be set up in the garage!  Unfinished basement?  Perfect!

tosso-skittles-01Packaging: The Giant Tumble Tower comes in a really handy carrying bag. The bag is a perfect size to easily pack all of the blocks, and appears to be high enough quality to hold up to quite a bit of travel.  For additional photos of the game, see our Giant Tumble Tower Gallery

Quality: Not a major factor, though the wood pieces are smooth, and play well.  They also offer a more expensive Hardwood Giant Tumble Tower, if quality is important to you.  The tower is comprised of 56 wooden blocks, stands 19 levels high, and is almost 3 feet in height.

tosso-tumble-tower-02Gameplay: As mentioned in the intro, this game is GREAT.  Easily one of my favorite party games.  Rarely can a game be played by, and hold the attention of, a large group of people like Giant Tumble Tower can.  With GTT, there isn’t really a winner, just one big loser — which means players try really hard when it’s their turn!

Pulling a block, then stacking it back on top sounds simple, but some players will build some strategy in to the game.  Certain blocks are harder to pull, but can cause the tower to become unstable, making the game harder for players who follow.

Pros: Not many rules.  Easy to learn, fun to play.  Great for a large group, even 10+.  Compact & portable, small playing area.  GREAT as a drinking game.
Cons: Needs a level playing surface.  Heavy to transport.  Expensive.

Overall: Not the cheapest game, especially given the simplicity, but by far one of the best games out there.  Not only is Giant Tumble Tower a crowd pleaser, it’s actually requested more often than any other game I’ve traveled with.  For Backyard parties, Tailgating, Indoor/Covered Areas, or any other group function, Giant Tumble Tower is a great choice.


From the Tosso.com Website

tosso-tumble-tower-07Giant Tumble Tower consists of 56 beautifully-crafted pine blocks. These 56 blocks create a 19 level tower standing just shy of 3 feet tall at the start of the game. Players take turns to remove blocks from the tower and place on the top. The goal is to build the tower as high as possible using only one hand, without making the tower tumble! It is possible to build to this Giant Tumble Tower to almost 5′ tall. This Pine Giant Tumble Tower is a lighter and a cheaper option than our Giant Tumble Tower made from Hardwood.


  • 56 Pine blocks measuring 8″ x 3″ x 2″
  • Nylon transport / storage bag

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Product Review by Jeremy L.