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English Skittles Game Review

Skittles is a very popular yard game that is very popular in other countries, but doesn’t have the same popularity here in the States.  Don’t let the lack of local popularity stop you from checking out this great game!

English Skittles, from Uber Games (on Tosso.com), is a fun tossing game, that’s as entertaining as it is simple.  Players take turns throwing balls in an effort to knock down wooden pins.  The similarity to bowling has given this game the appropriate nickname of “Lawn Bowling”.  The Uber Games version of the Skittles game is about as good as it gets.  The wooden pins are nicely weighted and are high quality.  The 3″ hardwood balls are also a nice weight and quality.

Packaging: The Uber Wooden Skittles set comes in a really handy carrying bag.  The bag is a nice size to hold all of the game pieces, and appears to be high enough quality to hold up to quite a bit of travel.

Quality: The game pieces are simple, but the hardwood used is nicely weighted, and the finish on all of the pieces is also well done.

Gameplay: FUN.  Skittles takes some of the best aspects of bowling, and takes the game outdoors.  The game is simple enough for people of any age or attention span to learn.  The game pieces are light enough for players of any age, and the game is challenging whether you’re a new or advanced player.

This is one of the more popular party games we’ve reviewed.  It doesn’t require a huge playing area, and people really enjoy it.  The game is WAY better if you’ve got children around who find it fun to reset your pins after the turns are over!

Pros: Basic game pieces and rules.  Fun for 2+ players.  Small playing area, and great size for travel.
Cons: Standing the pins on un-level grass can be difficult.  Not great for concrete, or other hard playing surfaces.

Overall: English Skittles, from Uber Games (on Tosso.com) travels well and can be played with a variety of groups.  The fun factor on this game is high.  Simple game, simple rules, but plenty of fun.  Check it out!

From the Tosso.com Website

English Skittles or Lawn Bowling can be played individually or in teams. The skittle or pins are setup in a diamond shape spaced apart a few inches. Players throw or roll the balls from about 15 feet away trying to knock down as many as possible. If the player knocks down all the pins on the first or second ball then they are reset for that player. Each player gets to toss or roll 3 balls. The maximum score per round is 27 points and consists of 3 perfect throws in a row. The winner is player or team with the highest score after a pre-determined number of rounds.


  • 9 hardwood Skittles each measuring 8.5″ in height
  • 2 hardwood balls measuring 3″ in diameter
  • Canvas transport / storage bag

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Product Review by Jeremy L.