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The Human Slingshot.  Fun Team Building & Exercise

Want a game that gets a reaction from people?  The Human Slingshot is your game.

It’s hard to explain The Human Slingshot without seeing it in action.  Simply put, it involves four people slinging each other back and forth within a human sized stretchable band.  Truly unlike any other game I’ve ever seen!  It’s as much a game as it is a team building activity, or group exercise.  The game is played with a group of 4 people, and requires everyone to do their part to really give you the full experience.

PackagingThe Human Slingshot is really professionally packaged.  The band is folded nicely in to a very high quality carrying bag.  Both are packaged in to a plastic pouch, making sure your product arrives in pristine condition.

Equipment:  As I mentioned above, the carrying bag is really nice.  It fits the band comfortably, and is made of very high quality material.  The bag can be worn as a backpack, and even has a special hole for headphones to fit through so an iPod could be carried in the bag for easy listening.  Cool!  While I don’t know what the band is made of, it’s a very elastic, material, similar to spandex.  As the band is just made to expand and contract, I can’t say too much about it, other than it appears to be durable, and I’m sure it performs as required.

Gameplay:  Play requires 4 people.  Players line up 2 and 2 across from each other, inside the band.  2 by 2, the players run across the middle, stretching the band and causing the opposite to players to move toward the middle.  Players run back and forth, slinging each other as the band expands and contracts.  Play pauses any time players go out of sync, fall, etc.  While there is no ‘winner’, the winning pair would likely be the ones who have the endurance to play the longest!

Pros:  A really great team building, group activity.  Players must work together to achieve the full experience.  High quality materials.
Cons:  Requires 4 people, with decent physical endurance.  Possibly dangerous.

Overall:  A truly unique game, The Human Slingshot is one of those games that will certainly draw a crowd.  If you can find enough people to play, this game is a wild time, and a heck of a lot of fun.  It’s also one of the few games that effectively combines exercise with fun!

From the Human Slingshot Website

The Human Slingshot is a fresh new game, unlike anything you’ve seen and is guaranteed to be a big hit whether you’re playing or watching. It’s an exhilarating, fast-paced game that involves four people slinging each other back and forth within a human sized stretchable band. It’s easy to learn and anyone can join in on the excitement. All you need is three of your friends and an open area with grass, sand or indoor mats and you are ready to start slinging…Who will be the last one standing?

A great tool for athletic training

  • Conditioning, spatial awareness, balance and coordination
  • Trust and team-building

Be sure to bring your Slingshot to your next:

  • BBQ or Picnic
  • Birthday Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Summer or Youth Camp
  • Sports Practice
  • Group Retreat
  • Family Reunion
  • Fundraiser or School Event
  • College Campus Hangout

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