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One of the earliest games I can remember growing up was lawn darts. How that game ever seemed like a good idea is beyond me. Tossing mini javelins, capable of really hurting somebody, across an open area… it was only a matter of time until that was outlawed. I’ve since played a few plastic variations, but they really never were as fun as the original, usually because they never stayed where they landed, and always took a wicked bounce.

Game Pieces: The Soft Tip Sky Darts from Sportcraft are a pretty great evolution of the original lawn darts concept. Gone are the dangerous metal darts, but they’ve been replaced with a really interesting piece. These darts have a soft, rubbery end. They do a decent job of sticking where they land, and they’ll hurt a heck of a lot less than most of the alternatives if an errant throw is made.

The rest of the dart is made with a durable plastic, that should hold up for quite a lot of play time.

Gameplay:Game can be played with 2-4 players. Each player (or team) has two darts. Taking alternate tosses, players throw the darts in to a circle at the opposite end of the playing area, about 15-20 feet away.

A dart inside the circle is good for 3 points. If no darts land inside the circle, the closest to the circle scores one point. If both players land inside the circle, their points cancel out. The first player to 21 points, wins.

Pros: A safe, fun take on a classic game. Great price point. Fun!
Cons: The darts stick ‘okay’ but they do often take a bounce after the initial landing.

Overall: The Sportcraft Soft Tip Sky Darts are a great, fun game.  Probably appropriate for a litte older crowd, this game is a MUCH safer twist on an old classic.  For the price, this is a great game to add to your collection!

From the Soft Tip Sky Dart Website

Try this awesome Soft Tip Sky Dart Game from Sportcraft. Perfect for a quick game in the yard or at barbecues and picnics. Use the mesh carry bag to transport the Sky Darts to your favorite park or play with them while tailgating before your teams game.

  • Four large sky darts with rounded weighted tip and easy to grip handles
  • Two score keeping target rings
  • Two team set-ups, clearly defined by bright dart colors
  • Full set of game rules and instructions
  • Heavy duty molded fins for constant in-air motion
  • Weighted tips keep darts upright after every toss
  • Durable all-weather target rings
  • Includes mesh carrying case for easy travel


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