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RingStix:  Fun and Unique Tossing Game

RingStix is a game that really has a lot going for it.  RingStix can be played with two players, but also has the unique distinction of being one of the few outdoor games you can play by yourself!  RingStix is also small and very portable, and can be played in a variety of places, under a variety of conditions — the rings even float.  Very cool.  The concept for this game is also really unique, as it uses a pair of “Stix” to toss and catch.  Let’s break it down…

Equipment: We tested the RingStix Set, which includes 4 Stix, 1 Red Ring, and 1 Glow-in-the-Dark Ring.  Each of the game pieces are well made, using nice quality plastics.  The Rings and Stix are nice enough to last as long as you’ll need them to last.  The rings also fly a lot further than you would guess.  You can really fling it!  The rings fly nice and smooth, which makes catching them a lot of fun.

Game Play:  For a unique concept, everything works really well.  The rings fly far and true, and the Stix work great for snagging the rings out of the air.  It’s not exactly a very competitive game, but it’s more akin to throwing a frisbee, baseball, football with a friend.  More of a “pitch and catch” game.  Not a bad thing, by any means, just an unusual thing to note in comparison to most of the games we check out.

As mentioned previously, this is one of the few games that you can play by yourself.  You’re flinging the ring in to the sky, so a sunny day may limit you, but it’s quite a bit of fun to see how high you can shoot the ring and how well you’re able to toss it up and still be able to catch it on the way back down.

RingStix is a game that’s pretty easy to get the hang of, but still a challenge to keep tossing and catching the ring without dropping it.  Just enough of a challenge to remain addicting as you play.

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Pros:  Lightweight, portable, all-weather & all-surface, challenging, and fun.  Great low price point, too!
Cons:  Not very competitive, requires a safe play area to keep people from making contact with waving Stix.

Overall:  Pleasantly surprised with RingStix.  It’s a simple enough game, but it’s as fun as it is unique.  Using the Stix to toss the Rings is really cool, and adds a lot to the allure of this game.  It’s certainly a game that draws a lot of attention, and you’ll have a great time playing it.  For the price, this is a great gift for gamers of any age!

From the RingStix Website

This is THE outdoor game you’ll have the most fun with.

It gets you outdoors with friends or family or by yourself and you’ll get to meet new people because this game is such an attraction no one will go by without recognizing that this is something to have fun with.

You’ll get exercise in a very exciting manner because you share your time outdoors with people who are up-to-date and up for new experiences like our RingStix game – which rock’s the world.

You can play it in

– the water
– it floats,
– in strong winds – it’s steady,
– therefore every time you feel like having fun
   you can go and play.

It’s easy to learn, it takes you about 2 to 5 minutes and you can play.

You can shoot the ring up to 50 yards and you can build some tricks into the game. Recommended age: 10 – 110 years young.

How to Play: RingStix
is played by 2 players passing the ring back and forth using two sticks per player. To launch the ring place both sticks through the ring. Next, pull the sticks quickly apart causing the ring to be launched. The ring begins to spin (stabilizing it’s flight).

Play RingStix with multiple players, play it in a park, backyard, at the beach, etc. Play RingStix even solo by shooting the ring up in the air and catching it!

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