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Ringer Toss Game Review

ringer-toss-review-08Ringer Toss is an awesome mashup of several of our favorite Outdoor Games.  Ringer Toss borrows elements from Beer Frisbee, Flimsee, Horseshoes, and even Quoits, to make a really unique game.  Teams take turns throwing 4 colored rings, trying to get a “ringer” or knock the cup off of the stick.   It’s a simple concept that actually ends up being a lot of fun.

Packaging: Ringer Toss comes in a really handy carrying bag that fits all of the pieces really easily.

ringer-toss-review-07Quality: The wood pieces fit together easily, in just a minute, and the rings glide really well toward their target, similar to a frisbee.  More game photos in our gallery.

Gameplay: The Ringer Toss game is really addicting.  The discs fly really well, and the game becomes a lot more about skill than just luck.  The points offered for ringers or cups makes it easier to score points and really keeps the game moving, even if players don’t have the most tossing ability.

Thringer-toss-review-00e discs are also light enough that players of all ages and abilities will be able to compete.  They’re also light enough that small children and animals will be safe around this game.

Pros: Easy to learn, fun to play.  Simple to assemble, light, and very portable.
Cons: Just one wooden rack, so players will have to pick up their rings and go back to the original playing position (upgrades are available).  Prices are a little steep, but do currently include shipping.

ringer-toss-review-04Overall:  Really liking this one.  It doesn’t take much space, and it’s going to be a great party game for people with shorter attention spans and skill levels.  Ringer Toss takes fun elements from a variety of games, and combines them to create a really enjoyable backyard game.  One of the more portable tossing games we’ve reviewed, too, which means you could keep it in the car, ready to play anywhere you go.

Basic Rules


  • ringer-toss-review-02Stand about 10 feet away.
  • Players alternate throwing one ring at a time.
  • Rings that land over a stick are called “ringers”, and are 3 points.
  • Rings landing on the game, not touching the ground are 2 points.
  • Cups knocked off are worth 1 point
  • First to 21 points wins.

From the RingerToss.com Website

ringer-toss-review-06It’s time for a fresh new award winning game at your next gathering, and Ringer Toss is it! The fun, fast scoring, easy to play game that everyone loves – simply fling your ring to knock off cups and get ringers (your ring over a pole). You get three points for a ringer, and one point for every cup knocked off, first to twenty one wins!

It’s so light and portable, everything fits into a small backpack and weighs less than seven pounds. Toss it over your shoulder and bring the fun with you. Set up is a snap with the unique interlocking design. You’ll have the game set up in under a minute without any fasteners or hardware – so grab your Ringer Toss and get out and play!ringer-toss-review-01

  • $69 Single Set – 1 target base, 2 sets of rings (blue, green), 1 carry bag – for two players
  • $99 Double Set – 2 target bases, 4 sets of rings (blue, green, red, yellow), 1 carry bag – for up to eight players

Free Shipping all the time, any size order (in continental US)


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Product Review by Jeremy L.