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Game Review

With so many ‘classic’ games in this world, it’s awesome when you get the opportunity to play a game that mixes it up a little. Ring A Pin takes some of the best elements from a handful of popular games, and combines them into a single entertaining & unique game! Ring A Pin could be described as a cross between Bocce and Horseshoes. Players roll their balls toward the Pin at the opposite end. Balls that ring the Pin score 3 points, and balls within the ribbon area score one point. It’s as easy as that.

Concept: The best aspects of this game are it’s simplicity and versatility. The rules are pretty basic, and the scoring is easy to remember. This can be really helpful for groups with shorter attention spans, or for younger children. The game can also be played on a variety of surfaces. As long as you can stick the Pin into the ground, you can play! That means that Ring A Pin isn’t just a great yard game, it’s also a game you could play at the beach or on a dirt/gravel patch. You’re not confined to just grass with this one.

Game Pieces: I was really impressed with the quality of the Ring A Pin pieces. The balls are a hard plastic, and seem like they’re really hold up to a lot of abuse. They have a smooth surface, and a really nice weight to them. Found out later, they’re solid polypropylene, and weighted. The Pins are also well made. The galvanized tubing and oxidized steel stakes will hold up to a considerable amount of abuse, as well as occasional moisture from the playing surface. The game doesn’t require very many pieces, and they all come in a handy tote bag.

Gameplay: Ring A Pin is definitely a fun game. It’s neat to find a game where a change in location creates a brand new playing surface. Playing on grass, you have an unpredictable surface, which means you have to play to your conditions as you try to hit the Pin. Two seemingly identical tosses may result in balls the end up in much different places.

With just two balls per person, the game moves along at a nice pace. When playing with 4 players, this means that everybody gets a chance to play fairly often. Not as much waiting as you’ll find in some games.

Overall: I’m a huge fan of new games. Variety is the spice of life, right? Ring A Pin is a great new game that takes fun elements of classic games to create a fun tossing game. The Ring A Pin website suggests several rule changes or types of play that would mix this interesting game up even more. Mixing it up with Cornhole bags instead of the Balls would be very interesting. Great for improving tossing accuracy.

Bring a new, unique game to your next backyard BBQ or tailgating event.
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Pros & Cons

Pros: Very portable, quality game pieces, basic rules & scoring, and of course, it’s a fun game!
Cons: Two balls per team is fine, but 3 would be better.

From the Ring A Pin Website

Purchase the Complete Ring A Pin game – just $39.99.

Game Package Includes: 2 yellow and 2 red Solid polypropylene weighted balls. 2 Ring-A-Pin Pins made from galvanized tubing and oxidized steel stakes. 1 Carrying Bag 1 Playing Instructions

About Ring A Pin

Ring A Pin is a great back yard game that can be played at the beach, in the yard, or on the ball diamond. Children can compete well against adults as the ground controls the bounce of the ball. It’s a great yard game for all ages and can be played in teams or individual competition. When you think you’re getting good, simply, switch sides or move the game over several feet and create a whole new field of play.

Play on any lawn or Beach! Each player uses one color of balls. To see who goes first simply do a practice toss. Whoever comes closest to the pin goes first.

Sets up in seconds! Position the Pins approximately 25 to 30 feet apart on a level terrain. 10 big steps usually work.

First player tosses the ball. If it hits the Pin and you hear a Ring, its 3 points. If the ball stays within the 30 inch round measuring ring you also get another point. If your opponent knocks your ball into the pin you get the points. Cancel out points like in corn hole. Play to 21.

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Product Review by Jeremy L.