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RampShot Review

ramp-shot-review-08RampShot one of the few games that’s really bringing a lot to the table.  With elements of offense and defense, players are kept engaged at all times.  RampShot is similar to many other outdoor games in terms of rules and entertainment value, but really rounding out the experience with quality and portability.

Packaging: The game showed up in branded packaging. Out of the box, you’ve got the two ramps, but the netting and stickers are up to the user to apply. A few minutes of set up and you’re good to go!

ramp-shot-review-07Quality: Really nice.  Durable plastic ramps.  Light weight, but should hold up to even rough usage.  The balls themselves are similar to a racquetball in feel.

Gameplay: Really unique.  This is the real win for Ramp Shot.  You’ve got throwing, catching, offense, and defense.  3 of the 4 players are engaged at all times, meaning the action is nonstop with this one.  Takes some time to get the hang of the toss, and the balls are tough to score in the net, but that’s what makes it a little more challenging than your usual game.  The addition of the Stealer and the Playmaker also means you’ve got other ways for the game to progress than just sinking shots.

ramp-shot-review-05Photos:  For an additional look at the product, check out our full gallery of RampShot photos.

Pros: Challenging, but easy to learn for players of all ages and abilities.  Very portable, and great for a variety of conditions.  Balls are light and are safe for animals and children who may be in the area.
Cons: The netting is kind of a pain to attach, and means you aren’t quite ready to play out of the box.  Pro tip: use a screwdriver.

Overall: RampShot combines elements from some of the best backyard games, and makes for a really fun game.  The combination of throwing and catching, along with super safe and portable game pieces makes RampShot a welcome addition to your game collection.


Basic Rules

  • Ramps are placed 15 feet apart.  Players are split in teams of 2, with partners lined up on opposite sides.
  • The Shooter stands behind the ramp and throws two RampShot balls, one at a time.  The Playmaker stands behind the opposite ramp and attempts to catch any balls that bounce off of the ramp.  At this same time, the Stealer tries to catch any balls that bounce off the ramp, as well.  Any caught balls result in an extra throw for the Stealer’s team.
  • Points:  3 points for a ball shot directly in to the goal, 1 point when the Playmaker catches a ball that bounces off of the ramp.
  • Teams play to exactly 15.


From the RampShot Website

RampShot is the only backyard game that allows players to score points by tossing and/or catching. The patented grooves on the top of each ramp cause the ball to take unpredictable bounces which can make for highlight reel catches. The ramps in RampShot were designed to keep three out of four players engaged on every play, keeping everyone in the game and in the action.

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Product Review by Jeremy L.