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Murbles Review


Murbles is a fun new game that is like a more portable version of Bocce.  Players alternate tossing their 3 Murbles toward a white Point Ball.  The player with the ball or balls closest to the Point Ball will score points in that round.


Packaging: Murbles packaging is really well thought out.  Not only does the bag nicely accomodate all the pieces, but it has a handy drawstring to keep it closed, AND the rules are printed on it!  No more searching for the rule sheet.  Nice addition there.

Quality: They’re giant plastic marbles, so there’s not a lot to say here!  They weigh roughly 7.3 oz. each, which is a nice weight to keep play open for everyone.  It also keeps the entire game under 5 pounds, which keeps it easy to haul around.


Gameplay: Nothing too wild here, but it’s easy to learn, and challenging for a variety of skill and age levels.  The playing surface changes each time the Point Ball is tossed out, so the game stays fresh even after several games.

Pros: Super portable, easy to learn, and can be played almost anywhere.  One of the best all around games for any occasion.
Cons: Just one… the price.  The quality is great, but at almost $50, you’re making a significant investment for a pretty simple product.

Overall: Murbles is a solid game.  One of the most versatile games we’ve ever reviewed.  This game can be played in big or small areas, and with up to 6 players.  You’re also safe playing this with players of various ages and skill levels.  The balls are light enough not to pose a hazard in busier areas, too.


Basic Rules

  • One Player starts the game by throwing the white “point ball” in to play.
  • Players then alternate throws towards the point ball.
  • Only ONE player will receive points in a given round. The player who has one or more balls closer to the point ball than the opponent will receive one or more points. In every round of play one player will score from 1 to 3 points and start the next round of play.
  • Once scoring is decided, all balls are picked up, and the player who scored in the last round of play starts the next round of play and tosses out the point ball.
  • A set is complete when either player reaches ten points.


From the Murbles Website

A Murble is an over-sized marble used in the outdoor sports game called Murbles. Playing the game of Murbles requires no special skills.

It all started back in 1979, Murray had a retired gentleman who lived next door that liked to play horseshoes. Murray tried for two years but couldn’t win a game against this gentleman, so he decided to make his own game.  A game that any0ne could play and anyone could WIN!!! A game that did not require any setup or a dedicated playing area. His game was  loosely based on the ancient European game called Bocce. His game was to be played with over-sized marbles he called Murbles. (Murray’s big marbles, “Murbles”)

When playing Murbles, things like size, speed, agility and even skill are not required assets. The players determine the distance and pace of the game. Murbles come in a convenient canvas carrying bag and are made to be tote-able, (about 5 pounds) so take them tailgating, or to the beach, (they’re buoyant) to the park or just out in the backyard.

Murbles are proudly 100% American Made with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Made from high-density 3 inch diameter solid plastic, weighing about 1/2 pound each. Murbles are available in 20 popular colors so you can select your custom color set to match your school, sports team or favorite colors.

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Product Review by Jeremy L.