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10-Cup Game Review

10-Cup is the first of a couple games we’re reviewing for Franklin, and it’s a good one!  Ultimately, it’s a portable Beer Pong game, and it’s great!

If you’re a Beer Pong fan, your tailgating arsenal isn’t complete without this one.  10-Cup from Franklin comes with a pair of short tables with holes cut out for the cups, 6 ping pong balls are also included.

These tables give you the ability to play outside in a variety of conditions, you can also play even without tables.  Set these on the ground for a quick and easy game – set them on tables, and you’ve got a normal style beer pong game, with the added benefit of cup stability for your changing outdoor conditions.  With the slotted tables, your cups will always stay in formation, and you don’t have to worry about cups knocking over in the wind.

Packaging: 10-Cup comes nicely packaged in a handy carrying case.  Both tables easily break down to fit in the case.

Construction: Nothing to get too exited about here, but they are exactly what they need to be.  The tables are lightweight, and the legs are easy to remove after use.

Gameplay: Play the game however you want.  Ultimately, the best part of the 10 Cup gameplay is WHERE you get to play — and that’s pretty much anyplace.

Pros: Lightweight, Portable, Simple Rules, Good Price
Cons: Height.  You can play on the ground, but you’ll most likely want to find a way to raise the height to what you’re used to.

Overall: If you play Beer Pong, you need 10-Cup.  In a very portable package, you’ve got the ability to take a great game wherever you go.  One of the best games you can get in a small package, anywhere.

From the Franklin Website

Product Features

  • (2) Collapsible 10-Cup targets with travel handles
  • (6) 10-Cup balls (3 outdoor, 3 indoor)
  • Complete rules and assembly instructions
  • (1) All purpose tailgate travel/storage bag

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Product Review by Jeremy L.