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Flimsee.  A Great Frisbee Tossing Game.

I’m really enjoying Frisbee games lately.  They require a little more activity than your usual Outdoor Games, and it’s as important to play offense as it is to focus on defense.  Most “beer frisbee” style games have a single pole with a can or bottle on top, similar to the My Poleish Horseshoes game we’ve reviewed.  The makers of Flimsee have taken that concept, and made it even more exciting!  Flimsee uses not one, but TWO poles, and they bend and flex, making defense even more of a challenge.  I was already a big fan of Frisbee Tossing games, and Flimsee did not disappoint.

Equipment: The Classic Flimsee Set includes 4 Flimsee Sticks, 2 official discs, 6 cups, 1 big nail, a stick holder, and rules in a nice cotton drawstring bag.  The bag is a nice size for containing all of the parts and pieces, and the stick holder is perfect for keeping all 4 Flimsee poles together for travel or storage.

The Green fiberglass rods are well made, and a great height at 55″ tall.  You might be able to find similar rods at your local hardware store, but the ball at the top is a huge safety feature of the official Flimsee Sticks.  In a competitive game, that safety feature could come in very handy!   (for people who like their eyes, anyway)

The pair of 10″ Discs that come with the Flimsee set are molded in America and weigh in around 120 grams.  They’re a well made disc, and fly really nicely.  If the disc doesn’t fly where you want it to, you’re not gonna get away with blaming the discs!  Many in the Frisbee world are familiar with a 175 gram discs, but the makes chose 120 grams for their fliers to bring everyone on to a level playing field. They may take some getting used to, but they are great throw and catch discs.

The Flimsee cups are fluted and made to hold up through intense play.  You’ll need 4 to play, but the set comes with an extra pair.  These are great for holding adult beverages, or just to keep around as spares.

The game also comes with the official Flimsee rules.  Rules are adjustable for skill levels, age groups, preference, house rules etc.  Follow the rules to the letter, or use them as a basis to play however you’d like!

Additional:  Wooden stands can also be purchased for play on harder surfaces where the poles can not be pressed in to the ground.

Click here to see the full gallery of Flimsee Review pictures.

Game Play: This is the most important part, right?  I’d mentioned already that I’m a fan of Frisbee games in this style, and Flimsee is no exception.  I’m a huge fan of this game.  The included discs play really well, and with two poles, there are even more chances for scoring than in a standard, one-pole game.  It’s hard to gauge where the cups may go if the poles are nailed, but these cups are a light enough weight that you still have ample opportunity to catch them.

Another great aspect of this game is that it comes with TWO discs.  My biggest gripe about other games is the single disc rules.  You have two players on each end, let them both toss!  Great decision by the game creators.

An interesting aspect of the included rules is that the game is about navigating the poles and cups more than about catching the frisbee.  Often with this style of game, you are penalized for not catching the disc.  It’s a nice change that you can focus on catching the cup, but don’t have to be as concerned with the disc.  (unless you make it a house rule, of course!)

Flimsee is fun and addicting to play.  You’re going to move around a lot more than some games, which I like.  You’re also going to have to play offense AND defense, which is great.  It’s also a very engaging game.  You don’t get time off while the other team is tossing.  Less downtime means more fun!  Yup, I’m a fan.

Pros: Great variation on Frisbee tossing games.  Equipment is well made.  Discs & cups are perfectly suiting for the game.
Cons: Best suited for 4 players, though 2 is OK.  Best played on grass, not great on hard surfaces (diving may occur!)

Overall: The creators of Flimsee really paid attention to every detail.  This game is well thought out, nicely crafted, and a heck of a lot of fun.

From the Flimsee Website

The scoring objective in Flimsee® Cups is to score 2 points by throwing a Flimsee Disc clean through the opponent’s Flimsee sticks, or 1 point by bouncing their cup(s) to the ground. The defensive objective is to prevent scoring by catching these cup(s) and protecting them from hitting the ground.

General Rules

Team with the shortest player throws first. Once each players on a side throws, it will then be the opposing team’s turn.
For a throw to be considered “clean through” or a “split” and worth two points, the disc must be floated below the top of the cups, between the sticks, and pass fully through.
Teams must switch sides once after a team reaches six (6) points.
First team to twelve (12) points is the Winner!
Notes: If both players on a team send it clean through on a single turn, the discs are sent back. Cups are replaced after each throw. Winner stays on.


the Flimsee field in a long rectangle, where the sticks are spread 16″ and teams are 35 feet apart.  If playing in the grass push pairs of Flimsee Sticks firmly into the ground to create each goal. Place Flimsee Cups loosely atop each stick and prepare teams of two for some intense fun.

Flimsee Resources

Classic Flimsee Set – The Classic Flimsee® Set includes 4 Flimsee Sticks, 2 official disc, 6 cups, 1 big ass nail, a stick holder, and rules in a nice cotton drawstring bag.

Official Flimsee® Set with Wooden H Stand – Official Flimsee Set with a pair of H Stands so you can play on any surface. High quality construction made with care in Ohio.

Flimsee Photo Gallery – Complete gallery showing all pictures taken for this review.

Review by Jeremy L.