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Disc-Off Frisbee Game Review

Disc-Off is a Beer Frisbee style game where players throw a disc 40-50 feet in an effort to knock the other teams bottle off of their pole.  Players earn points by the accuracy of the throw, as well as the ability to catch the bottle if it is knocked off of the pole.  The winner is the first player or team to 15 points.

 I have always loved a good Beer Frisbee game, and Disc-Off is no exception.  Disc-Off has elements of both Offense and Defense, which means all players are constantly engaged.  Players tossing the disc are trying to hit the bottle or the pole in an effort to score points (5 for a Bottle “Hit”, 3 for a Pole “Tap”, and 1 for a “Skip” where the disc bounces before hitting the pole).  The players on defense are also busy making sure their bottle doesn’t drop to the ground.  Players on defense can steal points back by catching the bottle.

Packaging:  The Disc-Off game comes neatly packaged in it’s own mesh carrying bag.  The bag is a perfect size to hold everything without being too small.  The mesh is nice, as you won’t bring home the beach if playing on sand.  The game breaks down in to a very small package, making it easy to take with you wherever  you may go.  Assembly is very easy, taking about a minute.

Construction:  The base, bottles, and poles are all made with high quality, durable materials.  The pole is a 3/4″ polymer, and the bottles and base are custom molded plastic.  The bottle is sized and weighted to match a beer bottle, but reduces the risk of injury by not playing the game with glass.  The game also comes in your choice of over 15 custom colors!  Support your favorite team with the colors of your choice.  Check the Disc-Off site for current colors and options.

Gameplay:  The Disc-Off game is a blast.  I really like the heavy plastic bottle as an alternative to glass.  The disc is high quality and throws nice, too.  The bottle sits about waist high, meaning catching the bottle before it hits the ground is a challenge.  As mentioned already, the elements of Offense and Defense in this game really add to the fun.

Pros:  Packs compact for travel, comes in a wide variety of vivid colors, high quality materials, great price, and fun!
Cons:  Would like a second disc.  Pole is shorter than some games, an option for an additional pole piece on each side would be cool.

Overall:  Great game!  We’ve tested a few games in this style, and Disc-Off is definitely one of the best.  The pieces are high quality, and the ability to break it down for easy travel is a huge selling point.  Take a look at our full photo gallery to really see Disc-Off.

From the Disc-Off website

Fling it – Hit it – Knock it off!

Want fast action, competition and just plain fun for any age?
This is it, designed with the highest quality materials, equipment and game concept. This is the next Game Rage for tailgating, picnics, events, tournaments play, schools, the beach and fund raising events. Fling the Disc, hit the Bottle or Pole “Knock it off” and if your are really good….catch the falling bottle to steal the points!
Now only $39.99

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Product Review by Jeremy L.