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It’s Beer Pong for the Great Outdoors!

What if you could play a life sized version of BeerPong at your next outdoor tailgate or BBQ?  Well it turns out that you can!  BearPong is a fun new game that takes the excitement and fun of a game of beer pong to the great outdoors.  Similar to Beer Pong, the object of the game is to either throw or bounce the ball into the other teams BEARPONG buckets and eliminate all of the other teams buckets before they eliminate all of yours.

Admittedly, I was pretty excited to check out this game.  What a great idea to take a popular indoor game and supersize (or bear-size it) for the outdoors!  This is one of those games that has the potential to be a classic, and really it delivers on just about everything you could want it to be.

Packaging: One of my favorite things about this game is what how they’ve put everything together.  You can stack the buckets, store the balls inside, and cover it all with the perfectly sized cover that comes with the game.  When you’re ready to play, just use the (included) pump to air up the balls.  Even though there are lots of pieces, they all fit together in a light and compact manner, making this game really portable.

Game Pieces: The balls are a standard air-filled ‘toy’ ball, which is sized perfectly to fit in the BearPong buckets.  BearPong Balls are specifically weighted and sized to be used with BearPong Buckets.  The buckets are a heavy plastic, and are specially weighted to make them work perfectly for the game.  Not too easy to tip over, yet not impossible to tip, either. The BearPong Buckets and BearPong Balls are especially engineered to be used together and the weight ratio closely resembles that of a partially filled 16oz. cup and a ping pong ball.  Also comes with an extra ball.

Gameplay: Most importantly… is it fun?!  Heck yeah!  If you’re a fan of Beer Pong, you’ll probably like this game.  You can play BearPong with the same rules you use for Beer Pong (maybe don’t drink from the buckets, though).  The first couple buckets might be easier to drop in, but but the last couple you really have to make the perfect toss to get the ball to drop without tipping the bucket.  Depending on the weather and the skill of the players, you can even make everything further apart to really step up your game.  After a few games (and a few drinks), I could see people diving to block bounced balls and really getting in to the game.

Pros: Great game idea.  2 or 4 players.  Use the included rules or play with your “house” beer pong rules.  Flying objects are NOT dangerous – playing around kids and animals is much safer than most tossing games.  Play on a variety of surfaces – grass, sand, snow, asphalt, etc.
Cons: Not an all-weather game.  Windy days aren’t going to work well.

Overall: BearPong has a lot of the elements that make up a great tossing game.  It’s fun, challenging, for multiple players, and unique.  The rules are really easy to learn, even for people who have never played Beer Pong.   The game also travels really well, without taking up a ton of space or being too heavy.  This is definitely a game worth checking out.

From the BearPong Website

BEARPONG is oversized portable Beer Pong that can be played anywhere!! It does not require unnecessary tables and is extremely portable.

BEARPONG is perfect for the beach, tailgates, poolside, cookouts, yards, snow or ANYWHERE!  The patent pending weighted buckets and unique carrying case have proven a big hit at all types of events and continue to gain momentum as a great addition to any party inside or out!

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