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Misc. Games

Some games are one of a kind and just don’t fit into any one category. This is the place for those games! Tossing Games, Frisbee Games, Beer Pong style games, and more!

Miscellaneous Outdoor Games

ramp-shot-iconRampShot – Players score points by tossing and/or catching four bouncy balls the size of a racquetball toward two specially designed ramps. 4 players.

murbles-gameMurbles – Players alternate tossing their 3 Murbles toward a white Point Ball. Good for many different skill levels; 2-6 players.
rollors-iconRollors – Roll small, rounded discs toward one of two cone-shaped goals. Singles or teams, 2-4 players.

ringer-toss-iconRinger Toss – Players take turns tossing colored rings toward the game rack. Points are awarded for “ringers” and for cups knocked off the sticks. Good team game; 2-4 players.
tosso-tumbling-towers-iconUber Games : Giant Tumble Tower – Players take turns removing wooden blocks from the tower, then placing them back on top. Great group game; 2+ players.

Uber Games : English Skittles – Skittles is a game very similar to lawn bowling. Wooden balls are rolled at wooden pins in an effort to knock them over for points. Fun for 2+ players.
Zume : CANZ Game – CANZ is a great tossing game that where players toss foam-rubber canz in to a target basket with a hole in the center. CANZ is portable and a lot of fun. 2 Players.

Franklin 10-Cup Review – 10-Cup is a fun, Beer Pong style game that is perfect for tailgating or any other outdoor function. Mini tables keep cups lined up and upright. 2 or 4 Players.
Disc-Off Review – Disc-Off is a Frisbee tossing game where players throw a disc in an effort to knock the other teams bottle off of their pole. 2 to 4 players.

RingStix Review – Players catch and toss the Ring using the fun sword-like Stix. Fun Ring tossing game for 1-2 players.
The Human Slingshot Review– Players sling each other back and forth within a human sized stretchable band. Wild fun for 4 people.

Flimsee Game Review – Toss the disc between the poles, or hit the pole to send the cup flying. Fast and fun Frisbee Tossing game for 2-4 players.
– Sportcraft: Soft Tip Sky DartsSoft Tip Lawn Darts are a fun Tossing Game this is a new, safer take on an old classic! 2-4 players.

BearPong Game – Great game that takes the game of Beer Pong to the great outdoors! Toss the balls in to the buckets to win. 2-4 people can play this game almost anywhere.
My Pole-ish Horseshoes My Pole-ish Horseshoes is a great game that combines throwing accuracy with the ability to catch, as well. Great for a variety of playing surfaces, and a ton of fun for 4 people.

Ring A Pin – tossing game that is like a combination between Bocce and Horseshoes. Great for a variety of playing surfaces. Play with 2-4 people.
yard-stax-wideYardStax – An oversized stacked wood game. Players take turns pulling and stacking wooden blocks, trying to keep from knocking over the tower. Very fun game for 2+ players. Great group game.