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SPINNERZ Game Review

SPINNERZ is a game that defies generalization.  It’s a ladder tossing game, but it’s what you toss that makes this game truly unique.  Similar to our other Zune game review for CANZ, SPINNERZ employs the use of foam-rubber items for tossing.  The crazy thing about the Spinners is the discs.  The one-of-a-kind Spinners discs are 6 sided discs with open notches in the middle.  These notches are able to grab the ladder rungs, where they earn the tosser points.

SPINNERZ is different, and requires different tossing skills than many other games.  The discs are fun to toss, and it’s a challenge to get them to hang on the ladder rungs.

Packaging: The SPINNERZ game comes in it’s own handy carrying case.  The ladder breaks down easily, and packs to be very light and compact.

Construction: Quality materials all around.  The plastic pieces fit together nicely, the ladder rungs are coated metal, and the SPINNERZ discs are an awesome foam rubber material.  Very easy to put together, a bit more difficult to take apart, but pretty quick both ways.

Gameplay: A bigger challenge than most tossing games, but that’s a good thing.  Points are earned with this game.  The discs are light enough to be tossed by any age group, yet the game requires enough skill to be fun for a wide audience.

Pros: Challenging, Unique, Portable, Cool Discs
Cons: Two ladders would be better than one, but one ladder does make it more portable.  The bottom tripod piece was a challenge to take apart the first time.

Overall: Overall a great game.  SPINNERZ is easy to take with you wherever you go, easy to set up, and fun to play.  Good for a variety of ages and tossing skills.

From the Zume Website

Master your spin with SPINNERZ, the original gripping disc target game. Lock yours on. Knock theirs off. It’s that easy with the one-of-a-kind SPINNERZ grip disc. Play almost anywhere… indoors or outdoors. Great for tailgating. Lightweight and portable, SPINNERZ features ultra-quick setup. Includes 6 SPINNERZ grip discs, target goal with ground stakes, and carrying case. For ages 8+.

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Product Review by Jeremy L.