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Ladder Toss Games

Ladder Games are a fun style of Tossing Game that makes use of a ladder where players attempt to hang items on the different ladder rungs.  Higher ladder rungs are usually worth more points.  These games tend to be very portable, and a lot of fun!

Ladder-Style Tossing Games

Zume : SPINNERZ Game – SPINNERZ is a great ladder game that uses funky discs that hook on to the ladder rungs. The foam-rubber discs are fun to toss, and soft enough to be safe with lots of people around. Best for 2 Players.

ladder-golf-wideLadder Golf – Ladder Golf is a classic tossing game, where players toss golf ball bolos at a 3 run ladder in order to earn points. Ladder Golf is the original, and by far the highest quality ladder game around. 2 to 4 Players.

More Ladder Games?

If you’re looking to make your own Ladder Toss game, check out Outdoor Game Players.  There are building instructions, Ladder Toss rules, a forum, and ladder toss pictures in the photo gallery.

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Ladder Golf