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Scorzie Product Review

A Koozie can be a great thing for keeping your drink cold on a hot day. A scorekeeper is a great way to remember the score after you have a few of those cold drinks. The creators of the Scorzie have found a really awesome way to combine the two!

Scorzie is the original scorekeeping beverage holder. Scorzie has a durable stainless steel body to protect your beverage. The high quality, ribbed foam holds a can firmly, while keeping your drink cool.  The foam lined bottom is designed to prevent slipping and scratching. And the best part, is the ability to keep score! Red & Blue score rings click into place to keep an accurate score from 0-21.

Quality: Other than being a really great idea, the real hook of this product is how well it’s made. It’s heavy duty, without being heavy. The foam is great for holding and maintaining temperature, and the score rings are easy to read & click nicely in to place.

Pros: Really well made. Double-duty, keeps score and holds a drink.  Nice keeping score with a hand-held device.
Cons: Foam is can sized, and doesn’t hold a bottle quite as firm.

Overall:  This is one of those things you see and say “why didn’t I think of that??”  Scorzie is a well made product, that serves a double purpose.  It’s always nice to have a drank stay cool, but having the ability to keep score in the palm of your hand is really handy.

From the Scorzie Website

Scorzie™ is the original scorekeeping beverage holder, and the only way to keep an honest tally and a cold drink for any game up to 21. The Scorzie™ is the perfect accessory for tailgating, barbeques, picnics, parties and trips to the beach.

  • High quality foam insert to keep your drink cool
  • Home and Away score rings that click into place to keep an accurate score from 0-21
  • Durable stainless steel body to protect your beverage
  • Foam lined bottom to prevent slipping and scratching

One Scorzie™ for only $12.99
Two or more for only $9.99 each

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