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BeverageHolder.com Product Review

beverage-holder-dot-com-06On a hot Summer day, no matter what game you’re playing, you’re probably going to be drinking something while you do it.  So what do you do with your drink?  Setting it on the ground is fine, except for the bugs and the chance of having it knocked over by another player (or dog).  And what about the score?  Sure it’s not THAT hard to count to 21, but it’s always a pain to get everyone to pay enough attention to agree on the score.  Now you don’t have to worry about the score or your drink!  The Scoring King Scoreboard and Beverage Holder is here!

Part Outdoor Game Scorekeeper, and part double drink holder, this product is pretty darn cool.  We’ve reviewed other drink holders over the years, but this is a clear favorite.  Not only is is well made, but it also has a bottle opener!

Packaging: Nothing special here.  Product arrives in an appropriate box.  Not a lot of worry about freight damage on an item this light.

Quality: This is a well made product.  The use of metal instead of plastic makes everything sturdy, the scoring magnets stick well to the board, and the stake goes easily in to the ground.

beverage-holder-dot-com-01Ease of Use: The Scoring King Scoreboard and Beverage Holder does what it’s supposed to do.  Scores to 21, holds 2 drinks, is sturdy when using the ground stake.  Entire product stands 52″ tall, and the drink holder is around 31.5″ high.  Right where you’d want both.

beverage-holder-dot-com-02Pros: You’ll be hard pressed to find a more functional product.  Well made, light, and practical.
Cons: Can only be used where it can be pressed in to the ground, but additional tripod can be purchased separately.

Overall: Not much more to say.  At around $35, there’s plenty to like here.  If you play a lot of games, the Scoring King Scoreboard and Beverage Holder is a great addition to your collection!

beverage-holder-dot-com-07There are several options to choose from, as well as different customizations for the scoreboard piece.  Find the perfect combination to suit your needs.

From the BeverageHolder.com Website

beverage-holder-dot-com-05The Scoring King is our tallest model at almost 5 feet long. The 17 inch long magnetic scoreboard is completely removable so that you’re able to transport or store it away easily.  Just like all of our products, it’s made from solid welded steel construction. The black powder coated finish will hold too any weather condition. The standard scoreboard decal is blue and white. For a more personalized look, check out our upgrade options!

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Product Review by Jeremy L.