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ScoreBand Product Review

We’re usually put to the task of reviewing games, but every once in a while we get to review a gaming accessory that makes the games you play even better.  That’s exactly what ScoreBand does!

Keeping score is the biggest pain of any game, especially if there are adult beverages involved.  Paying extra attention to the score can be tedious, and if nobody is paying very good attention, it can even be argument inducing!  ScoreBand is here to fix that!

ScoreBand is a 4-in-1 scorekeeping wristband watch.  You’re able to tally scores for whichever game you’re playing, right from your wrist.  The simple interface makes adding the points visible and easy to track.  You can keep the score for a variety of games.  ScoreBand is designed to score points for Golf, Tennis, and pretty much any other game where two teams compete.

ScoreBand is a very cool device that is simple to use and takes the guesswork out of tracking your score.

Packaging: ScoreBand comes packaged in a nice little box that includes full instructions to use each of the modes.

Construction: ScoreBand has a really unique design.  The bands come in different sizes so that any player is able to get the perfect fit.  The stretchy rubber wrist band keeps the device firmly in place on your wrist.  There are also multiple colors to choose from.  You can get a white or black band, and you can also pick from 4 colors for the buttons.

Use: ScoreBand does exactly what it says it does, it keeps score!  The tennis feature is really great.  It keeps track of the games and sets as you count the points.  The Golf score is also cool to let you keep track hole by hole, while it keeps track of the score for the round, too.  The Allscore mode is perfect for your standard backyard games like Cornhole, Washers, Ladder Toss, etc.  Drink all you want, the Score Band will remember the score for you!

Pros: Tracks score for just about any game.  Soft rubber provides for a comfortable fit.  Easy to use.
Cons: Rubber pulls away from the face a bit when putting it on, but seems to go back in to place easily.

Overall: Really a cool idea.  Big score towers are nice for everybody to see the score, but they can be a pain to keep up with.  ScoreBand is right on your wrist and makes keeping score really easy.  It’s ability to be used for multiple games make it really handy.  At $29.99ScoreBand makes a great gift for any avid game player, golfer, or tennis player.

From the Score Band website

+   water-resistant, eco-friendly silicone 
+   infused with beneficial negative ion minerals
+   slim design available in multiple sizes

When the game is over, leave ScoreBand in Time Mode as a comfortable, lightweight watch for everyday use.

ScoreBand® started as a seed of an idea over ten years ago. Countless instances occur in sport where a portable scorekeeping device could come in handy. Whether it is trying to remember the score or wanting to forget about it and just focus on the game, nothing adequate existed to fill this need. There have been other scorekeeping devices, but nothing that was practical, functional, attractive and convenient. As technology made advancements, the ideal answer became within reach.

So, we brought together a group of design and engineering experts to develop a lightweight silicone wristband infused with negative ion emitting material and an LCD display component capable of quickly and easily managing scores and statistics.

After over a year in development, research and testing, we are proud to announce the arrival of ScoreBand®!


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Product Review by Jeremy L.