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Trophies are a fun way to congratulate the winners of any event, so why not have them for Cornhole, Washers, Ladder Golf, or any of your other favorite sports?  Now you can!  Buy Awards and Trophies has a variety of trophies, plaques, awards, and medals that can be customized to represent a number of your favorite sports and activities.

We checked out 6 trophies from BuyAwardsandTrophies.com.  3 of them are a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place combo that we had created for a Cornhole Contest.  The other 3 are generic trophies that could be awarded at any backyard tournament or gathering.  They just had generic terms like “Cornhole Champion” on them.


Cornhole Trophies | 1st, 2nd, 3rd

These Resin Stand Cornhole Trophies range in size from 5.5″, 6″, and 7″.  Prizes for this trio range from $6 to $8.15.  Each trophy has a black plate with gold lettering, and engraving is free.

These trophies are fun and inexpensive.  Definitely a fun way to congratulate multiple players in a tournament.  Buy them here.

Cornhole Champion Trophy

The Resin Stars Cornhole Trophy is a commanding 9.5″ tall.  It sells for $11.70.  As with the other trophies,each has a black plate with gold lettering and engraving is free.  The stars trophy would be a great grand prize trophy to give out at a family reunion or casual tournament.  Buy one here.

awards-trophies-washers-laddergolfWashers Champion Trophy

The All Star Resin Washer Toss Trophy is also a cool little trophy.  It stands 6 1/4″ tall, and goes for $7.50.  This particular trophy has the Washer Game graphic on it, but you could get this trophy in a Cornhole or Ladder Golf theme, too.  This trophy is mostly silver, but has gold stars and decoration on it.  A very classy little trophy.  Buy one here.

Ladder Golf Champion Trophy

The Patriotic Ladder Golf Trophy is the most detailed of all the trophies we received.  As the name would suggest, this is kind of a patriotic trophy.  The gold leaf ring is holding up the Ladder Golf logo, which has red, white, and blue ribbons behind it.  This trophy only stands 5.5″ tall, but it’s a lot wider than the other trophies we looked at.  You can pick this one up for $12.40.  Buy one here.

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Product Review by Jeremy L.